Cyber Security

Does your current IT or Cyber Security provider have a CISSP and CEH Certified Cyber Security Expert on Staff? Would your current provider pass a Cyber Security assessment?

If you’re unsure of the answer to either of these questions, the answer is likely “No” to both. In today’s ever evolving cyber threat landscape, you can’t afford to continue working with unqualified IT or Cyber Security providers who compete on cost alone. Yes, not having to invest in highly qualified and certified security experts means they can charge less by the hour; but what does that mean for your actual risk exposure; and as a client of a provider who may not be securing their own house adequately due to the lack of Qualified and Certified Cyber Security Expertise? Many IT and Cyber Security providers have been and continue to be targeted by the hacking community, since penetrating the one provider gains them full unrestricted access to all their customers’ networks so they can steal and encrypt whatever they’d like. A very scary thought indeed; and this is why we’ve made the critical investments in securing our own infrastructure to the highest levels achievable, and are perfectly positioned to help you secure yours to these very same levels. Call or email us today so we can discuss how we can manage your entire IT infrastructure with our unique “Cyber Security First” approach.


Cyber security solutions for small and mid-sized businesses

Fusion IT provides businesses with a team of security experts that are dedicated to identifying and preventing security breaches by hunting for and monitoring potential threats, vulnerabilities and disturbances. We leverage our ethical hacking expertise to deploy cyber security tactics that stop threats before they cause irreversible damage. The Fusion IT Team will help your business protect itself from cyber attacks with strong security controls, security assessments, gap analysis, employee security awareness training, and continuous threat monitoring.

Don’t let your business fall victim to loss of data, customer loyalty, identity theft, trade secrets, designs, competitive advantage and more.

Learn more how Fusion IT will help Protect, Detect, and Remediate any threats to your Business with our fully managed cyber security services and solutions.

Cyber Security Services

Security First IT Services

Managed Threat Monitoring and Breach Response

Managed Endpoint Malware Detection and Response (EDR)

Managed Security Logs Collection and Correlation (SIEM)

Managed Data Loss/Leak Prevention (DLP)

Managed Ransomware Protection

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Phishing Attack Simulations & Reporting

Vulnerability Scanning & Patching

Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

Managed Security, Compliance & Governance

Cyber Security Consulting

Security First IT Consulting


NIST, GDPR, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, CMMC & Cyber Insurance Compliance

Virtual CISO (vCISO) Consulting, Strategy & Budgeting

CISSP & CEH Cyber Security Best Practices Compliance

Why Choose

Fusion IT Cyber Security

Fusion IT is proud to provide a full suite of cyber security services to help businesses protect themselves from modern cyber threats. Leverage our expert knowledge, training, credentials, and decades of expertise to free up time and resources so that you can focus on your business operations while we ensure that your business is secure.

ISC(2) – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

EC Council – Certified Ethical Hacker

National Institute of Standards and Technology – The North American Gold Standard for Cybersecurity

Reliable and comprehensive network security solutions tailored to meet your business needs and goals

Guaranteed up-time with our Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Remote or on-site, our experienced IT professionals will get the job done right the first time with no hassle.

Transparent, competitive pricing lets you know how much you are going to spend

Protection that keeps malware and hackers out, and our clients happy

3 Pillars Of

Effective IT and Cyber Security



Ensuring that only those explicitly authorized, can access and view any corporate data.



Ensuring that your data is never modified or corrupted by threat actors.



Ensuring you always have access to your corporate data.


Dan Di Pisa and Fusion IT are professional and very knowledgeable IT providers.
Fusion IT offers high quality solutions and service with strengths in Security and infrastructure. I used the services of Fusion IT at Roche for a major Novell to AD migration back in 2002 and they were able to deliver on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to the user community. This organization comes highly recommended.
Daniel was a model employee when we worked together, and now after having started his own company, I have the privilege of working with him in joint ventures.
Dan and the team at Fusion IT helped us to develop a full IT solution for our start-up investment management firm. They were easier to contact and work with than larger outsource firms and still offered the same suite of services at good prices. We've been very happy working with Dan.

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